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The Potty Shot Confirmation

It is normal to feel slightly anxious after your gender scan, sonographers can get it wrong more often than not. This is down to the fact that sonographers are trained in diagnostics and not gender. They scan your baby to check on their health and make sure nothing untoward is going on. There are private scanning places who predict the gender from 16 weeks, these private clinics are mostly trained in a matter of a few days and some are self taught, believe it or not. Unfortunately on time to time we do have to let customers know that the sex they have been told is incorrect and we will only confirm this with a 99.9% accuracy and when penis and scrotum or clitoris and labia is imaging in full.

Do Three Lines Mean Girl?

No and we do hear this a lot, an ultrasound is performed in slices, and this slice can be image incorrectly giving an off appearance, to some that would confidently predict girl, however the lines on the ultrasound will not appear as your typical "girl"


The three lines for a boy will be the same size in length and there will be a good separation between them. Gender will also image further down the femur than a girl will.

How Can You See The Difference?

In order for us to be 99.9% confident, we must see clitoris and labia or penis and scrotum. This must be imaged clearly and viewed from underneath the bottom, the technician should wait for the baby's legs to open wide enough to determine what gender the baby is. This is the best view for us to confirm, other shots can be misleading and gender can sometimes hide.

First image shows clear clitoris and labia. Second image shows clear penis and scrotum.

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