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The Ramzi Theory

The Ramzi Theory Explained

Congratulations your pregnant....The most exciting time of your life.


Are you now curious about your baby's gender?


Now widely known because of his early gender prediction method, Dr. Ramzi directed multiple studies in which the relationship between placenta location and gender was the focus. In the controlled group studies, he discovered that he could determine male fetuses with 97.5% accuracy and female fetuses with 97.2%.

How Accurate Is The Ramzi Theory?

By tracking the chorionic villi location, Dr. Ramzi let the world in to his secret, to very accurately reveal the gender of a baby at just 5 weeks of gestation. Although Dr. Ramzi’s theory isn’t 100% accurate, and there are multiple instances where the placenta is in a tricky spot, we believe a theory that is up to 97.5% accurate is a great foundation for a gender prediction.


Can I Predict The Ramzi Theory Myself?

There are several crucial aspects for the Ramzi theory, based on the placental location, you will need someone with a trained eye detecting the specific areas of the villi and also knowing when an image is mirrored or not. These are two of the most important markers to look out for. Especially as a vaginal scan can be mirrored too. Flipping the image or not seems to be a hot topic when it comes to the Ramzi theory. The general rule of thumb seems to be that if it is an abdominal ultrasound it will be a mirrored image, but if it is taken internally it is true to side, and although that might be the case for some images, we do not adopt this. Little miracle knows that when detecting the chorionic villi location a lot of these markers must be taken in to account. 

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