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Are We Trained In The Nub Theory?

No, and we cannot stress this enough, no one actually gets trained in the nub theory. In fact most sonographers think your crazy if you even mention it at your NHS dating scan. There is no university degree or any certificate to obtain a qualification. A lot of people will call us fraudsters or scammers, however this is not the case. Scammers take your money and do not offer a service. We on the other hand have real life experience in the nub theory. Its a skill to have and a skill used well.  Our team are very well trained. We have studied the art of the nub theory for many years. There is a lot to take in and so many different channels and scientific studies to read through to learn in full. There are websites out there who will tell you they have sonography experience, which is great and they may have, but does that mean they are still fully experienced and look at every gender marker to predict?

There is a lot that goes into this when predicting your baby's gender. It isn't guess work, it isn't a flip of a coin. Nub Theory is a skill that you a have to learn. We are extremely proud of the work we do and know how exciting it is for you to have that early insight.


At Nub Theory we have over 8 years experience in the nub theory community. That's 8 years of looking, analysing and drawing out thousands of nubs with accompanying reports. That's a 100 plus nubs a day. 

We take absolute pride in our predictions and that will hopefully show in our reviews, our accuracy and the report you receive.


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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