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Congratulations On Your Little One

Are you looking to find out your baby's sex? - Nub theory is the most accurate gender predictor around!
We offer the most fastest and most accurate results sent via email in just 15 minutes!"

3D baby ultrasound

Early Fetal Gender Professionals

 Affordable and accurate gender predictions

 At Nub Theory, we provide a reliable and accurate way to help determine the gender of your baby. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing a simple and easy to use service that can be accessed right from the comfort of your own home. So if you’re curious to find out what your little one will be, Nub Theory is the answer. No need for expensive 16 week scans anymore..

Ask The Proffesionals

- Purchase your package

- Send all images to

- Results will be sent via email within the timeframe selected.

gender of baby at 12 weeks

The Best And Most Accurate Early Gender Prediction Service

We are proud to have the passion and the skill set it takes at determining gender from just 12 weeks by using the nub theory.

  If you are impatiently counting down the days until your 18- to 22-week anatomy scan then you are in the right place. Nub theory has been one of the most talked about topics across the internet for many years! 

So if you've had your NHS dating scan then this is where our professional skills come in. 

Nub theory isn't  just a "theory" as many seem to think, you simply can not argue the fact that the nub (genital tubercle)  is your baby's developing genitalia. 


Honesty is our policy, we are here to be able to offer you this early insight in to your baby's gender, that little glimpse into the womb 6-8 weeks earlier than usual

If we are not confident we will not predict and a full refund will be issued. 


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