The Nub Theory Gender Expert Specialists

Congratulations on your pregnancy, you have now reached the 12th week mark and you are  wondering what your little one will be. 

Girl or Boy? Lets find out with the nub theory.

So you have heard about the nub theory and you're wondering if it really works?

The answer is YES, it really does and it is a very reliable way for confirming gender early.

From around 12 weeks in gestation, using the scan images/videos provided, our team at Nub Theory will accurately determine the gender of your baby with an incredible accuracy of up to 99.9%. You will receive a detailed report with an explanation of our findings along with a professional diagram, labelled showing all the gender markers we use and exactly what they mean, plus a percentage of confidence. Your results will be sent via email with excellent return times. All you have to do is purchase one of our packages from our shop then email all your images/videos to sales@nubtheory.com for analysis 

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